Entrepreneurship is about people setting out to start businesses. You know that entrepreneurs are an important part of the modern economy but you might not know how the idea of entrepreneurship began. Read on to examine a bit about the history of entrepreneurship. You’ll be able to examine the beginnings of entrepreneurship and this should give you a greater understanding of how much modern business practices owe to the past.

The Beginnings of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has been around for an incredibly long time. Back in 17,000 BCE, people were exchanging obsidian for important things such as food and tools. This is a very early form of entrepreneurship that the hunter-gatherer tribes of the time would make use of. Things went on in this way for centuries.

Agriculture Changed Things

The advent of agriculture changed things significantly. Around 12,000 years ago, humans learned how to work the land and grow food. This allowed them to settle down in one place and it also made it easier for certain people to focus on things other than gathering food. People started to specialize in performing other tasks such as making clothes, building shelters, masonry, pottery, and more.

Eventually, cities started popping up people would trade with each other. Trading weapons was a very important thing during this period. Entrepreneurs were heavily involved in weapons trading. Things were still being done through a barter system at this time.

The Creation of Money

What truly changed the game for humans was the invention of money as a concept. Having currency to trade made becoming an entrepreneur much easier. It allowed people to get something of value by selling things and they didn’t have to simply hope that someone wanted to trade them something that they wanted for their specific goods. Entrepreneurship would continue to evolve and eventually banks were created as well.

Modern Entrepreneurship

Modern entrepreneurship owes much to the past. The basic idea of starting a business is the same as it was back then. People provide goods or services and they receive money. It’s very interesting to think that the entire idea of entrepreneurship started so humbly with simple ideas.