Ernesto Weisburg

 Entrepreneur & Minister

Ernesto Weisburg’s Professional Background


Ernesto Weisburg is an entrepreneur who seeks opportunities on both a local and global scale. He takes entrepreneurship very seriously and is always looking to learn more. Ernesto is especially interested in topics such as the history of entrepreneurship, the influence of social and educational background, positives and negatives of entrepreneurship, and characteristics of entrepreneurs. He spends time reading publications like Bloomberg. All of these interests come together to paint a full picture for Ernesto, giving him a clear insight into the motivation of becoming an entrepreneur.  

Ernesto is a private investigator and the CEO of Ernesto Detective Services. He founded the company in February of 2012. As a private investigator, Ernesto Weisburg has performed undercover work and conducted surveillance for up to 12 hours at a time, maintaining accurate and detailed documentation during each job. He responds to both emergency and routine situations. Ernesto’s status as a Certified Protection Officer (CPO) provides him with a broad, comprehensive understanding of how a person should best respond to potentially threatening environments. This helps him maintain personal safety while providing the best service for his clients. 

In addition to his work as a private investigator and CEO, Ernesto Weisburg is a minister at Saint Luke’s Ministries, a position he has held since September 2018. With more than 7 years of experience in general ministry, he is skilled in helping community members strengthen their relationships with God by guiding individuals throughout service activities. In his current role, he officiates special services, facilitates community outreach programs, and enjoys working with church leaders to plan and conduct worship services to carry out the church mission. He also provides spiritual guidance and leadership through visitation, counseling, and prayer for both children and adults. He encourages his church community to serve the community and God every day. Ernesto is also a natural leader, having supervised associate pastors and staff through his ministry experience. Part of what makes Ernesto an accomplished minister is his ability to communicate and relate to others.

Ernesto Weisburg currently lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania, but he is a strong supporter and protector of both his local community and the world at large. Being an avid traveler has widened his perspective and increased his knowledge of different cultures. This has given him a new perspective on life that also aids in his ability to conduct business and connect with others. 

In 2013, Ernesto Weisburg earned a Master of Science in Divinity from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO. He is also a member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport. His broad spectrum of career interests has prepared him to take his entrepreneurial spirit into a variety of fields and industries. However, Ernesto also sees the value of his soft skills, such as compassion, advocacy and the ability to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Entrepreneurs are surrounded by a life of business, but Ernesto also enjoys the business of life, understanding that our connections with others and God makes everything else we do worthwhile.